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Positive Books

Our books share stories of real life situations from children and adults.




Be Me Books teach children and adults how to treat each other and to be proud of the person they are, no matter what their differences may be.
At the end of the day, we are ALL created's about time we embrace it! 


Exceptional Illustration


Chris Driggers is the RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED illustrator of Be Me Books.

Our Books

Faces of Finn


Faces of Finn is an inspirational book showing triumphant and challenging times with Finn along with our favorite inspirational quotes! 100% of the profits go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of Finn!!!

The Pretty in Me

The Pretty in Me written by Heather Hackett

The Pretty in Me was written by Heather Hackett to promote confidence and individuality in children. For any child being bullied or pointed out for being different, this is for you. 

Monday I'm an Astronaut


Take your child's imagination to the next level with Nancy Youngstrom's exciting book on Kippy's expl of discovery and creativity.

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